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Website design, and implementation of an interactive and functional interface to your website to convey your company’s or brand’s image faithfully and at the same time offer a fantastic and intuitive user experience. It is a procedure that must be maintained by every web design Company.

What is website design?

In the first few years of web design, digital pages ranged from purely scientific projects to corporate websites, blogs, e-learning, education, government, e-commerce, search engines, and other platforms. It was developed in a passive environment. First, everything changed with JavaScript, Flash, and CSS, from simple graphics with tables and animations to great start-ups.

It’s easy to lose track of millions of websites, especially if you find an attractive design that is responsive or responsive, geographically customizable, and of course, with hundreds of features that are easy to navigate.

The visual aspect of a web portal includes an interface to enhance the user experience through effective web design. A magnet that attracts us and keeps us surfing the web.The web designer is responsible for falling in love with the entire audience, and the professionals have the skills to achieve the project’s goals.

Differences between web design and web development

To refer to these two elements, you must highlight that both are the pillars for executing a web project, and although they require different skills, they pursue the same objectives.

Let’s start with the foundation, where the web is forged. Web designing services uk refers to the development, which conceives from the planning to the implementation of the site. Here they will find three types of developers:

Front End Developer

This developer interacts directly with the web development client to define fundamental aspects of the interaction. It focuses on how users will see the product.

Back End Developer

This professional, often confused with the web programmer, works with the web server, focusing on the site’s operation. He is responsible for the databases and hosting.

Full-stack developer

They are developers who have both Back-End and Front-End skills. 

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Front end devloper for web design company

The Front-End web developer is at the client’s service to then code the interface. In contrast, the web designer first investigates the user to determine what their experience will be like within the web environment and then thinks about how everything should be structured, considering the features it should have.

Digital sketching involves handling skills and tools that focus more on how the web page feels and looks in cyberspace. On the other hand, the Front-End developer is dedicated to implementing the web design on the Internet and determining how that implementation works with the Back-End.

In other words, web design services in uk can say that web development includes Back-End, Front-End, and Full-Stack development. In contrast, web design includes the user interface, user experience, SEO optimization, and graphic design.

Web page design elements

The arrival of the World Wide Web brought with it great challenges. The slow pages, where only text and small images could be exchanged, changed forever. To weave an impressive web prototype into the great web of networks, they must be accompanied by key visual elements, such as:

  • Design: Creativity is paramount for designers. A successful fusion of nuances will determine the organization of graphics, advertisements, and texts. The user must appreciate what he is looking for easily, for which it is necessary to maintain the communion between balance and consistency for a project on the network.
  • Graphics: Graphics undoubtedly improve web performance. Synthesizing information in graphs is a valuable resource. These must be easy to read to contrast with the web page’s content without congesting it or slowing it down.
  • Contents: Content and aesthetics go hand in hand to provide the best appearance to your electronic page; the combination of images and texts provides added value. Useful texts with relevant keywords will captivate your audience. At the same time, optimized content will make search engines fall in love with the intention of positioning your website in the best places in the ranking. Sure, looks and style count!

Are You Looking For A Website Designer in LONDON?

We are a professional Website designing and development services provider in London, serving our clients since 2017.


Deepak Devgan

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I provide bespoke website designing and development services across London. I have a qualified and experienced team of website designers and developers who will not only design your website but also knows how to make your website visible on the top pages of the Search Engines.

Are You Looking For A Website Designer in LONDON?

We are a professional Website designing and development services provider in London, serving our clients since 2017.