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How to give a strong title to SEO?

A title tag is one of the HTML tags that describe the site name and the title of each page. “Understanding user needs” is indispensable to obtaining a high-ranking display with specific keywords. For more information contact SEO Company UK.

For example, if there is a user who searched for the keyword SEO measures,” it is important to understand whether the information that the user wants to know is “the basics of SEO measures” or “how to take SEO measures.”

However, it is not enough to rely on subjectivity to understand the keywords, but it is necessary to make inferences from an objective point of view based on the tendency of the titles of the higher-level display pages.

This is because search engines read user needs from “search keywords” and return the “answer” page to the search results.

Keep in mind that to give your SEO a strong title, you need to look at trends on the top pages of your search results screen.

How to give a title for SEO

Titles that are strong against SEO are titles that are ranked high in searches for specific keywords. In other words, it is necessary to devise ways to get high praise from both users and search engines at the stage of giving a title. Here’s how SEO company UK should give a strong SEO title.

Set the title's character count to 30 characters or fewer.

When SEO Company in UK make a title with SEO in mind, it is important to keep the number of characters in the title within 30 characters. This is because (…) is displayed when the number of characters in the title exceeds 30 characters, as in the page surrounded by the red frame in the image.

There is often a guide saying, “Let’s optimize the title within 35 characters,” based on the browsing of smartphone users, but on the PC screen display of Google Chrome, 30 characters or more are omitted, as shown in the image.

Omitting the title means the user loses the information they need to understand the page content, leading to a lower click-through rate (CTR).

Enter the selected keyword on the left side of the title

Since the title needs to be designed within 30 characters, the more important keywords should be packed at the sentence’s beginning (left side).

Another reason for packing important keywords on the left side of the title is that the user’s line of sight “moves in an F shape.” It is known that the user’s line of sight tends to move to the F type, especially on pages with a lot of text.

If the title looks unnatural or confusing, you don’t necessarily have to set an important keyword to the far left of the title.

Use specific numbers

Numbers are effective in conveying the concreteness of information. Even in the page title, the effect of materialization by numbers is great, and it can be said that it is effective to use it when there is a set of information such as “procedure,” “method,” and “knack.”

The title corresponds to the page content.

Search engines anticipate user needs from search keywords and rank pages that are presumed to meet user needs. Due to the mechanism of such a search engine, the page title is required to correspond to each headline/content necessary to meet the user’s needs.

Even if you give it a title similar to the top-ranked content, that content will not be top-ranked if any content does not accompany it.


There are various check items to design a title that is strong against SEO, but if you practice the optimization points of the application after holding down the basics, the results will gradually come out.

Web personnel who have difficulty practicing the applied part are advised to use SEO tools or consult with an outside contractor who is strong in SEO measures.

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Are You Looking For A Website Designer in LONDON?

We are a professional Website designing and development services provider in London, serving our clients since 2017.