Important Factors For Success In E-Commerce

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Important Factors For Success In E-Commerce

The retail market is collapsing day by day because of E-commerce. A decade ago, we hadn’t expected that these retail brands would be bankrupt or closed. However, business owners find the digital world an interesting place to be as they are launching their own brands and operating as a competitor in the digital marketplace. The success in e-commerce has forced many retailers to create their online presence. But it’s not as easy as it looks because you have to understand the trade secrets if you want to perform better.

Why Many Ecommerce Businesses Struggle?

There are many challenges business owners have to face according to their type of business, but there are some common difficulties that every e-commerce business has to encounter.

More than 75% of all businesses do not success in e-commerce because of these three main reasons –

  1. Customers are not aware of how to use your website.
  2. The value of the product on your website is not clear.
  3. Navigation of your website is difficult.

But you do not have to worry because you can solve these things very easily.

When customers need something, they will not judge your business based on your products, but in the case of e-commerce, their expectations can be really high.            

According to research, shipping price and shipping speed play an important role for the customers while shopping online. So, providing free shipping services will help gain the customers’ trust while they place an order. Especially when they are ordering something online that they can’t touch, feel, or try. When you give free delivery to your customers, you should provide fast shipping also as customers never want to wait much for what they have ordered.

Starting an ecommerce business in 2022 is not a big thing, but you have to consider the following 5 things to stand out from your competitors and getting success in e-commerce:

Your Brand Is Your Purpose

Every e-commerce business has its own identity as a brand. Customers make some beliefs while they interact for the first time with your ecommerce company. They remember your brand when they order next time. It depends upon the quality of products or services they received from you.

Most of the customers trust online reviews, so make sure you get positive reviews because negative reviews can drive away your customers. Unsatisfied customers tell about their negative experiences with friends and relatives while happy customers share their positive stories. A powerful brand can consume your market share if they produce the same product you do. So, you must have a unique selling idea to get success in e-commerce. You have to boost your brand’s identity to reach your target audience.

SEO Brings In Traffic

You can have a higher Google ranking if your website’s landing pages have relevant keywords. With keywords tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner, you can get relevant keywords to target. Don’t forget that your brand name is a keyword too. It would be best to rank for that because many users will be searching for your brand name. The main motive of SEO is to provide users with the most relevant results they are looking for.

Customers Like To Have Great User Experience

You must optimize the user experience of your e-commerce website if you want to get more sales for your business. Your website navigation should be user-friendly because customers may leave your website without buying the products or services you offer if it’s confusing. Your website should be as clear as a customer can easily understand by just looking at your website what things you deal with. The shopping cart of your ecommerce website should be easy to view and easily accessible. The checkout procedure should be short and simple because customers never want to go through long steps just for checkout. You can insert animated images and videos into your e-commerce website to improve its user experience.

You cannot compromise with optimizing the mobile phone user experience because most customers are shopping over mobile phones in 2022. To optimize user experience for mobile phones, you have to consider these things –

  1. Make sure you select a large print for the mobile view of your ecommerce website.
  2. The loading time for your website should be less than five seconds.
  3. And the mobile version of your website needs to be easy to navigate through touch, but it shouldn’t look the same as your regular website.

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Transparency Builds Trust

You can build trust among your customers by being transparent. You can do that by showing your contact details on your website. Your customers should be able to get your phone number, email and address at the top or bottom of all the pages of your e-commerce website. It’s a good idea to create Contact Us page to provide this contact information separately.

If there is any extra shipping or other charges, make sure its not hidden. You should inform the customer before he goes on the checkout page. The online buyers can only see the information regarding the product you have provided on your website, but they can’t see or feel the products as they do while shopping from a store. So, provide a detailed description of your product highlighting the key benefits.

Make sure your product is not overpriced. You should not set the price of your product more than its worth.

Boost Overall Engagement

You can use your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Youtube to promote your online business. This is the best method to boost customers’ engagement with your ecommerce website.

You can write blogs for your upcoming products, mentioning their features, advantages and usage. This will help you create interest among your customers even before the product gets launched. In addition, blogs boost engagement as it helps in getting backlinks.


An ecommerce website can be the best place for selling things online. But it isn’t easy to stand out from your competitors in this digital era. However, when you fully understand how to create a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website, set genuine pricing with no hidden shipping costs and be transparent with your customers, you can get your success in e-commerce.

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Are You Looking For A Website Designer in LONDON?

We are a professional Website designing and development services provider in London, serving our clients since 2017.